La Melodia de Promesas

Welcome to my FFXIV tumblr, here you will find mostly rambles about my life in Eorzea. Originally from Istory, I now live peacefully in Gungnir. If you ever see a Hyur white mage wearing an eyepatch dead walking around it's probably me.

While Zanel is my main, I do have other characters I made but will probably never get played. They live on in the fanfiction and drawings that will probably never see the light of day since I'm too lazy to get them done.

Currently trying to get myself to work on character's not working. FFXIV wise /forevercrafting.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 years since FFXIV was released. I never expected it to have such a big impact in my life, and to have become so heavily invested in it. Yet 3 years later, I’m still here.

I’ve met wondeful people because of this game, and it’s giving me things I wouldn’t have otherwise. Like Zanel, my dead husbando, my twinnie
And many awesome friends. I don’t post much in the tag but if I’m known for anything it’s probably the person who never shuts up about the White Raven.

I’ve never held a contest like this but I wanted to celebrate 14 the only way I know, by giving stuff away! Originally I was going to held it on the first anniversary of End of an Era, but due to Haku offering some awesome stuff I’ve decided to host it sooner! Plus, 4 days ago or so 14 was released so that counts too :’D
Also because I forgot to do something for Nael’s death anniversary so I’m including it. And it was also supposed to be a VIIth legion memorial thing on November 11th.

Main prize

● A Before Meteor soundtrack! New and shiny still in it’s original packaging. (Which I assume it had the Dalamud minion code inside.)
● A Tonberry King stamp made by Haku (with a green ink pad)
● A digital drawing of your character in RSE with a minion of your choice by Haku.
● A digital drawing of your character by Moo.
● **A copy of Haku’s FFXIV sketchbook fanbook featuring a drawing of your character inside! (If you haven’t seen some of the previews you can see them here!)

Consolation prize

3 people are random will receive a set of “minion and mob” stickers by Haku.

How to enter

All you have to do is like or reblog this post. One like/reblog per person so you get 2 chances to win! Since my notes are numbered, I will pick the winner using a random number generator based on the number of notes.

Winner will be announced October 2nd at midnight central time. If I don’t hear from you within 24 hours, I will select another person.

If you win, please be ready with references of your character! And your address, can’t forget that. ^^;

Important info

I will ship everywhere ^ v ^

However, due to working with Haku, there will be two packages. One from me with the OST and stamp, and one from Haku with the fan artbook. Please give some time for the artists to finish the drawings.
** Haku’s fanbook is due to release on October 21st, as a result it will be shipped at the end of October.

As a result, there will be a slight delayed in shipping them. At the latest, you can expect the prizes to arrive in late October. Please look forward to it!

Thank you very much to Haku and Moo for proving prizes for this contest! As I said, this is my first time holding something like this and I’ve put a lot of work into it. I don’t interact much in the tags but I wanted to do something to celebrate this game I love so much.

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